The Complete Guide to Monica Petersen’s mysterious death in Haiti last week

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[–]Scotty_doesnt_kno 25 points 2 hours ago

How do people not realize that all these people dying is not a coincidence?

[–]the_obscured 14 points 2 hours ago

“It’s easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled” -attributed to Mark Twain

[–]NasekoO 1 point 1 hour ago

Because for people always thinking all are coincidencie, MK Ultra would be buried in 50s.

[–]Naalu 18 points 2 hours ago

This is a very important topic here as it uncovers a blatant try of coverup.

A user today provided pics of people on facebook claiming they are close friends to Monica and all asking for the user to remove allegations that Monica was investigating Clintons claiming she had nothing to do with them.

Just have a look at this thread here:

The shills are working VERY hard to discredit the story, and the article in the OP proves she was indeed investigating Clintons.

[–]rutkdn[S] 11 points 2 hours ago

This story line that he is trying to sell us is the same one the 3 people who contacted me said. Almost TO THE WORD.

[–]TheCountOfDuckula 6 points 2 hours ago

Are you the fellow that posted the same thing at The Trump?

[–]rutkdn[S] 4 points 2 hours ago


[–]TheCountOfDuckula 4 points 2 hours ago*

DUDE WAIT HOLY SHIT! You’re doing the same thing that poor girl was doing! You’re releasing your findings in public! BE VERY CAREFUL! Tell your friends and family where you are, set up a dead man switch and make copies of this info and give them to the Chans, anything! I’d be very paranoid in this case.

[–]rutkdn[S] 12 points 2 hours ago

Oh this is already wayyyyy out there for a week already. Someone made a video based on my first thread that already has 600,000 views. I don’t have any new information, just grouped everything we know so far in this one.

[–]hovazz 1 point 21 minutes ago

Could you please drop a link to that video?


[–]Pizzagate4545 1 point 40 minutes ago

The more awareness this issue gets, the more likely something will be done about it and justice will be served. Fear is your worst enemy, we all have to be upfront about this if we are to seek justice. The repercussions and after math of all this is another story however.

[–]TheCountOfDuckula 3 points 2 hours ago

Have an updoot, thank you for your work.

[–]thank_mr_skeltal_bot 6 points 2 hours ago

yo get the updoots

[–]mlloy 5 points 2 hours ago

This needs to stay front page.

Upvote please.

[–]Naalu 4 points 2 hours ago

This actually needs to be stickied

[–]horridCAM666 3 points an hour ago

Upvoted. Good job everyone. I dont know hiw people can’t see the connections between all of these missing/dead people and the CF.

[–]333tttbbb 1 point 26 minutes ago

Save and repost to

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