1. Done uploading. I’ll make a new post with the links and a short explanation on voat shortly. I’ll host the backup for 24 hours. Encourage everyone to download copies. I will be including a zip of the backup.
  2. I skipped several of the Meta data scans and removed all my auxiliary scripts from the file, but kept the main script I use to gather the data from a sub. It will not work out the box as anyone who wants to use it needs to set up oauth2 on their own, I removed that section of the script as it is the oauth2 info for my main account.
  3. There were also a few scans I couldn’t do such as overlapping subreddit users also participate in since the sub was banned less than 5 minutes after I completed the main scan. I BARELY made it.
  4. I need to work out a few kinks in part of the script to get a complete user list, but that info is available in the database. When it’s fixed it’s a complete list of every user who has ever interacted with the sub sorted by most active to least. Might be useful to mass PM users to tell them about the new site, but that also might piss Reddit off so not intending on including it for public consumption. Don’t want to contribute to any witch hunts.
  5. Here is the main folder:
  6. Here is where the HTML version are:
  7. And one of the files that is sorted by date:
  8. The links to the comments on the list lead to the HTML folder and are threaded in the final order they were on the sub based on comment score:
  9. Sorry about the crappy formatting. Something went wrong and I am running out of time to trouble shoot it. There is just a bunch of ”’ at the top of the page.
  10. The RAW. DB file can he found in the database folder and if anyone knows their way around those types of files you can extract all the info I gathered.
  11. If anyone has webdev skills and wants to contribute I’ve been wanting to clean up the formatting, add search function, multiple pages, and more of a Reddit looking design. I used some copy/paste JS to make the list sortable and some super basic CSS. But it works.
  12. Any questions let me know. Thanks for all the praise and appreciation. I do this as a hobby and lucky enough I already had the tools ready to go in time go get the sub before it was gone.
  13. I’m not a participate in your sub, but truly hope this help you guys.
  14. -ErK

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