[–]MAGABoomer 71 points 23 hours ago

Program Also Featured Sessions On Enhancing Access to Modern Technology With Participants Including John Chambers, Jack Dorsey, Arianna Huffington, Mohamed Ibrahim, Ashton Kutcher, Pierre Omidyar, and Ratan N. Tata

pretending to stop child trafficking while trafficking in children.

The fact that people got banned for reporting KP on Twitter is all the evidence I need.

[–]MAGABoomer 12 points 23 hours ago

Yeah…some bloated Indian rich guy…does that name ring a danger bell?

Weatlthiest Indian businessman – head of Tata steel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratan_Tata

[–]jayomu 1 point 13 hours ago

He’s famous here as a businessman, philanthropist. Also the world’s cheapest car Tata Nano? Nvm I won’t be surprised if he knows about all this. Also, maybe he was just there for the cause not knowing anything about it. He’s a billionaire and they meet people and do things like these all the time

[–]cockblockbyjesus 3 points 13 hours ago*

FBI Anon specifically mentioned to look it the wealthiest Indians.

EDIT. Actually he did more than that he asked people to list some so he could confirm or deny.

[–]BigOWierdo 6 points 22 hours ago

What better way to monopolize the market?

[–]MAGABoomer 7 points 22 hours ago

Shivers. We need to stop using those things…We are Coming O Rome was fun…trolling ISIS…this isn’t fun..we made them great, we need to break them.

[–]Slipgrid 1 point 12 hours ago

People covering this stuff up are criminals.

[–]safetythrowaway1234 36 points 22 hours ago*

for future reference, it is very simple to archive.

go to archive.is and copy paste the url, or drag the button on the top of the page to your browser’s toolbar.

edit: for reasons discussed below, after you archive you should also download the archive as a .zip AND/OR go to the original site and right click –> save page as –> and save all of its contents in its own folder on your computer.


[–]2-DRY-4-2-LONG 10 points 18 hours ago



[–]safetythrowaway1234 1 point 10 hours ago

updated. I didn’t mention to save originally because OP simply told us to

Archive it please guys!

[–]jayomu 2 points 13 hours ago

Yes, archive.is also provides a option to screenshot and download as zip. Might as well use every option you have while you’re at it.


[–]safetythrowaway1234 1 point 10 hours ago

Indeed. updated my comment

Aaaghghhhh. This is all SO obvious when you look at all the pieces, but I still feel like it isn’t enough obvious stuff to convince the masses! Unless we catch Clinton sneaking out with a kid in a bag or something, people will just call this conspiracy.

[–]vigilantedinosaur 10 points 20 hours ago

It’s a whole pile of circumstantial evidence. For those of us skeptics who like to question, it seems very obvious, or at least intensely possible. Others chalk it up to a stretch. They are hiding out in the open, which is actually smart on their part.

[–]lord_dvorak 2 points 12 hours ago

Compared to the coverage conspiracy theories usually get, I’d say we’re getting a metric ton. It’s all good, things will unfold as they should. Every day another domino falls.

[–]The_Watterboy 21 points 22 hours ago

Twittergate and pizzagate seem related – i wouldnt count it out

[–]AudiophileFreak 18 points 23 hours ago


[–]PatrioticDeplo 16 points 23 hours ago

[–]montoyasl 1 point 11 hours ago

Interesting that Madeleine Mccann is mentioned on the page for Missing and Exploited Children.

[–]palmsiberia 16 points 23 hours ago

[–]qaaqa 2 points 18 hours ago

Now.  http://archive.is/BRO3j

Has it changed in 7 hours?

[–]bernitallup 10 points 19 hours ago

Also, Jack Dorsey, Mark Z, John Podesta, George Soros and many others participated in panels during this 3 day retreat:



Media Matters’ mission is: “Monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”

[–]beanx 6 points 23 hours ago

FYI, some Epstein flight logs with notes. Feel free to share.


[–]whitedeer27 6 points 19 hours ago*

[–]BoxingMMA 2 points 12 hours ago

One Young World??? They’re barely hiding the recruiting of the next generation of “gems.”

Next they will have Fresh Young Brains or Hot Little Leaders conferences

[–]whitedeer27 2 points 7 hours ago

Yeah and one young world is funded/run by basically an advertising company that doesn’t mind talking about propaganda/brainwashing and lives in a commune/village.

It’s hard to provide documentation but “Hvas Llc” seems to be the professional org behind it. They are pretty much advertising/brainwashing/propaganda since 1850 so – yeah.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havas http://archive.is/ggLQo

[–]cvdsande 3 points 12 hours ago

They now found a tweet from Jack Dorsey from 2006 talking pasta and satanic verses: https://twitter.com/jack/status/5081

[–]leakedemails 3 points 12 hours ago

I just found this one too https://twitter.com/jack/status/5910315127

[–]conspExec[S] 0 points 9 hours ago

Misinfo, this is not strong circumstantial evidence. Disregard

[–]IndusRiver 3 points 12 hours ago

Dont forget that Azaelia Banks accused Jack Dorsey of paying her to do Voodoo for him to get more success, he even sent her one of his belongings. Ratan Tata is chairman of TCS which is the software company that takes away all Tech jobs of Americans by letting the highest number of underqualified Indians to come in H1b visa, this company was also sued by millions of dollars for commiting mass visa fraud in USA.

[–]tyhommed 3 points 23 hours ago

Screenshot & save

[–]WellTravelledFox 3 points 20 hours ago

Jack was also a participant in Clinton University https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails//fileid/31305/8578

[–]dragespir 2 points 22 hours ago


[–]ThrowThisAwayPi 2 points 21 hours ago

Nothing shocks me anymore! Jack the Cuck must be into some weird shit for him to be so gung-ho behind the Hitlery communist agenda. Who in their right MIND would back that old nutty hag!

[–]whitedeer27 2 points 20 hours ago*

Dorsey’s other company, Square’s public SEC filings, in case it helps with connections to other orgs like clinton foundation etc – also it was harder to find:


Better picture https://i.sli.mg/l3ms9x.png

[–]whitedeer27 2 points 19 hours ago

This may be significant, another article but only screen shot because CF deleted/changed it before I could even read it. Looking it up again now outside of CF – but the tittle itself it still interesting. PPL involved.

Dorsey, CF – “ONE YOUNG WORLD” https://i.sli.mg/YLeA2z.png

[–]whatsausername90 1 point 19 hours ago

I think all this proves is that Clinton and Dorsey are familiar with each other. Which is not insignificant, but not proof of involvement in Clinton’s shady shit.

[–]whitedeer27 1 point 18 hours ago

ONE YOUNG WORLD >> http://havas.com/about-us/

[–]qaaqa 1 point 18 hours ago

The session was followed by a press conference in which Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore discussed the DNA Foundation’s efforts to end sex trafficking of children.

So they know its specifcally a problem in Haiti.

[–]Morpheus_1966 1 point 15 hours ago

This is proof of nothing. Guys, you really do great damage to this investigation when you post “proof” that is not there. First, you give detractors ammo to call it fake news, which it is, and secondly, you take people off on tangents and focus them away from the real trail. This is a datapoint, nothing more.

[–]conspExec[S] 4 points 12 hours ago

I’m sorry huh? This is proof of nothing? My proof is that Jack Dorsey is connected to Haiti and Clinton. Can you un-prove that for me? I did not claim that Jack Dorsey was a pedophile although certainly there are enough innuendos for that based off of this subreddit’s name. I do agree that this is a datapoint though. A very important datapoint that forms a bridge between existing spiders webs formed from a lot of circumstantial evidence which is statistically damning.

[–]lolfail9001 1 point 10 hours ago

Except that this bridge is not actually formed.

[–]conspExec[S] 1 point 10 hours ago

How so? Do you have evidence to refute the connection? Because I have evidence to prove. It’s all around you actually. Read the thread and the comments in the thread.

[–]lolfail9001 1 point 9 hours ago

That connection is somewhere on the level of Jay-Z doing something together with Clintons: means nothing except for political alignment. And that’s something hardly unknown or relevant to the situation.

[–]conspExec[S] 1 point 9 hours ago

Sigh, except the evidence presented, the event, has nothing to do with Clinton’s political goals. It was a charity! A charity for Haiti specifically directed towards child trafficking. And there is already evidence backing up the fact that Clinton has been involved with child traffickers like Silsby to help them get a reduced sentence.

[–]lolfail9001 1 point 9 hours ago

Sigh, except the evidence presented, the event, has nothing to do with Clinton’s political goals. It was a charity!

The evidence here is this: Jack was invited to Clinton’s event in Haiti. That’s it. Sorry, but Clinton could be a literal devil herself, Jack’s appearance on this event would still not bridge Twittergate and Pizzagate.

Now if you can find a stronger evidence of close ties beyond “She’s/He’s my daughter/son of a bitch” (akin to Silsby connection), then you are welcome to present it.

[–]conspExec[S] 1 point 9 hours ago*

Maybe i’m just dumb but I don’t understand your last sentence at all. At least elaborate on it instead of just stating random stuff that has absolutely no contextual value besides the word “Silsby”.

You’ve also stated it yourself, “means nothing except for political alignment. And that’s something hardly unknown or relevant to the situation.”

It is relevant as one’s political alignment is probable cause/reasonable suspicion for censoring a large media platform partially owned and controlled by the suspect. Please see wikipedia article for a summary of what probably cause/reasonable suspicion is before you answer please.

Anyways, i’m pretty much done arguing with you if you’re clearly not going to do your own research even when i’ve directed you at it.






[–]lolfail9001 1 point 8 hours ago

Maybe i’m just dumb but I don’t understand your last sentence at all.

It’s okay, i’ll repeat: if you can find evidence to ties closer than “invited him to speak at an event”, go ahead. What you have found so far does not quite constitute that.

[–]Morpheus_1966 1 point 15 hours ago

FWIW, I very strongly believe that there is a major story here, even one of historical importance and one that could literally shatter the confidence of the peasants in the republic (leading to even potentially civil unrest), but we must be careful of what conclusions we draw from or it will be used against us and our cause.

[–]macnomad84 1 point 9 hours ago

kutcher and ex-wife (demi) started a private tech firm for finding pedos

[–]stevesteve19 1 point 8 hours ago


Jack Dorsey post circa 2006


Golden thread head branch of OTO – THELEMA….

Put the pieces together

[–]serafinalovesyou 0 points 18 hours ago

Hey… my boyfriend was also in Haiti with the Clinton’s. So was Donna Karan and others. I know for a fact my boyfriend is not involved in any of this. I would say most people involved don’t know what’s under the cover.

[–]whitedeer27 7 points 18 hours ago

Your boyfriend did not allow 30k + child porn accounts to remain on twitter while insta-banning & censoring people who were calling them out. Because Dorsey did.

That makes him very much implicated in this. I’ve been shadow banned twice now in 2 days for talking about pizzagate w/out retweeting any disturbing content whatsoever. But the actual accounts with child porn have stayed up for months and years. THIRTY THOUSAND of them.


[–]Enkimaybe 1 point 10 hours ago

You might want to reconsider that it is possible your boyfriend is into stuff you are unaware of. People can go for years/decades in marriages to people who are all kinds of sick and twisted without every finding out. Be careful.


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