I found how they are sharing C P –

[–]Haplo781 100 points 23 hours ago

/u/oh-honey-honey fucking get in here we need you

[–]bloodfist45[S] 75 points 22 hours ago

Please, I’d like to use your resources. I have many in law enforcement and global health but I have no one that can help me code search spiders. I have many more leads I simply can’t click with out breaking the law.

[–]M1GHTYEAGLE 0 points 6 hours ago

What if the MAIN reason it’s Illegal to View or Own CP is because you’ll immediately have Blackmail against the elites?

[–]shitlordcaligula 3 points 4 hours ago

What if the MAIN reason it’s Illegal to View or Own CP is because you’ll immediately have Blackmail against the elites?

Is he….is he serious?

[–]M1GHTYEAGLE 1 point 3 hours ago

Well the obvious moral reasons are obvious, but since we all know the DOJ, FBI, NSA etc have been compromised by this Ring; I’m merely suggesting that the strict monitoring of these materials are possibly to weed out ACTUAL concerned parties from sourcing clues. Why do you think these agencies create so many honeypot website/nets?

[–]shitlordcaligula 1 point 3 hours ago

we all know the DOJ, FBI, NSA etc have been compromised by this Ring

do we?

Why do you think these agencies create so many honeypot website/nets?

It’s their job to try to break up these rings, maybe?

[–]M1GHTYEAGLE 1 point 2 hours ago

Bang-up job. Are you a shill or what?

[–]bloodfist45[S] 2 points 6 hours ago

elites are probably the 1% of pedophiles

[–]atheists4jesus 2 points 5 hours ago

That user has disappeared

[–]drunk420 87 points 21 hours ago

Up for autism inspired truth

[–]thestealthsuit 63 points 19 hours ago

Seems to be an onion: 5a810c2c7895aa454a810c2c

That’s what the QR data is. I did not check to see where it leads, I have no intent to. Good luck.

[–]bloodfist45[S] 46 points 19 hours ago

It’s gone, it existed

[–]shy_shy 17 points 19 hours ago

What was it?

[–]samsam1029 16 points 19 hours ago

You alive still? What was it??

[–]bloodfist45[S] 32 points 18 hours ago

The whole directory is bleached

[–]samsam1029 15 points 18 hours ago

What was the directory of? Images/Accounts/etc?

[–]bloodfist45[S] 28 points 18 hours ago

No idea, it’s just a shell

[–]bloodfist45[S] 37 points 19 hours ago

Holy shit holy shit holy shit

[–]thispizzaiswhack 53 points 21 hours ago*

you guys are heavily mixing up china/japan/thailand trade of 18+ material and minors selfies with pizzagate pedophilia

i know because im from jp and this has been commonly used not only with that app but many others

[–]bloodfist45[S] 66 points 21 hours ago

You haven’t seen what I’ve seen

[–]BenjaminTells 30 points 21 hours ago


[–]bloodfist45[S] 77 points 20 hours ago

Pizzagate activities, follow the character strings on the twitter accounts. I will not directly distribute the videos.

[–]_papi_chulo 62 points 20 hours ago


I’ll take your current demeanor as evidence enough

[–]dragnar1212 27 points 19 hours ago

sorry to brake the news but if al this shit is true its world wide.
IA it is connected to peeps in japan as well ( high placed prob )

[–]isactuallyspiderman 45 points 21 hours ago

Yup. We are dealing with GLOBAL ELITES. ANYONE who has the power to “get into” their sick fucking game is a suspect now. All countries must be awoke to the evidence here, so they can do there own research into their local governments, especially with our allies over in Europe.

[–]Kaisernegro 6 points 20 hours ago

Oh come on. High placed prob isn’t prob enough for Japan. lol

[–]dragnar1212 1 point 11 hours ago


[–]DStoo 4 points 18 hours ago

“Security through Obscurity”.

Pick the most popular chat app in China to communicate with your friends. Congratulations you’ve just hid in the noise of the most popular chat app in China.

I bet these ‘micro payment porn’ sites are all the rage in Asia meaning if you wanted to hide something illicit you have a lot of noise.

[–]M1GHTYEAGLE 1 point 6 hours ago

I’m wondering now if Pizzagate can be linked to Forced Organ Harvesting in China?  DAFOH Anyone have any thoughts on this?

[–]Jowitness 5 points 11 hours ago

Top notch investigative work there chief!

[–]Methaxetamine 3 points 10 hours ago

Demeanor? Like how saying I’m innocent will make you innocent?

[–]_papi_chulo 1 point 4 hours ago

i meant that you’re freaked the fuck out <—– all i need to not click.

[–]Methaxetamine 1 point 3 hours ago

Sorry man but if its something as serious as this I can’t just take an internet stranger’s word.

[–]_papi_chulo 1 point 3 hours ago

nah. I don’t need to view it. ever.

[–]crayfisher 0 points 19 hours ago*

I’ll take your current demeanor as evidence enough


[–]Xtraobligatory 16 points 15 hours ago

Do you want to go look at CP to be sure its CP? Go fuck yourself.

[–]Juanld_Trump 1 point 19 hours ago

Any big names you’ve seen on video?

[–]thispizzaiswhack 7 points 23 hours ago

we are talking about u.s version: slicing up babies, raping toddlers, abusing them


asian trade of pics/vids: minors jacking off selfies, homosexual activities, pissing and shitting on each other

unless you’re telling me you found stuff in the first context

[–]bloodfist45[S] 26 points 20 hours ago

I have

[–]thispizzaiswhack 0 points 20 hours ago

japanese? that would be absolutely surprising to me

[–]bloodfist45[S] 32 points 20 hours ago

White guy, toddler drawn by 4 strings. Didn’t buy the video, thumbnails good enough for me.

[–]JohnnyReefe 18 points 20 hours ago

Jesus fuck

[–]creebler 11 points 19 hours ago

Do you remember hearing about this guy?


I thought I remember reading about how he was using his bar to make cheese pizza, but there were videos of kids getting tied down. Pretty sure I recall some articles out of Cambodia/South East Asia where this has been happening/was happening.

[–]tough-tornado-roger 7 points 20 hours ago

what does drawn by four strings mean? you saw a kid being murdered? this is the most horrible thing i’ve ever heard. can you get it to local authorities anonymously?

[–]bloodfist45[S] 35 points 19 hours ago

I’m reporting all of my findings in person to the FBI field office.

[–]tough-tornado-roger 28 points 19 hours ago

I would be careful about doing that. What if they try to get you for possession just for reporting this stuff? Do you know a local cop you could talk to first? Or a lawyer? Get an idea of whether or not they are open to believing this stuff first, and then ask them to back you up.

[–]bloodfist45[S] 1 point 5 hours ago

I’ve been talking to a lot of professors where I went to uni that have good knowledge about different aspects of it. I gave my stuff to the FBI, they were happy to have it.

[–]buffaloswing 16 points 19 hours ago

Please don’t accidentally trip over a bridge. We need more like you; not fewer.

[–]CORRUPTION_OVERLOAD 12 points 15 hours ago


[–]Grip_Mod_Parts 10 points 12 hours ago

No way dude. Send that shit anon. You don’t want your face or name tied to anything to do with pizzagate yet.

[–]M1GHTYEAGLE 1 point 6 hours ago

Why not scrub and censor the pics, then distribute anon?

[–]whitedeer27 7 points 19 hours ago

How do we report to the FBI, is there a thread somewhere talking about that?

[–]whatshouldidowithmyl 2 points 17 hours ago

You have to have some sort of a DMS. Don’t be stupid.

[–]Findsyourshit 1 point 4 hours ago

Best thing to do, really. Thank you for helping to expose these sick fucks.

[–]bloodfist45[S] 1 point 4 hours ago

Got it handled today, don’t feel any better though. I thought it would take a weight off my shoulders but I need to keep working.

[–]Blind_Sypher 11 points 19 hours ago

The japanese are far more sexually perverted then any other society out their. The entire country is actually in a crisis because their sexual identity is so fucked up nobodies having kids anymore.

[–]PrideofOshTekk 10 points 15 hours ago

Oh fuck off. Its the white leaders doing this shit mostly. Even if Jap leaders do it there’s still less of them than Europe and the USA. Its not a Jap thing. Fuck off with your bullshit.

Molesting children isn’t normal in any culture.

[–]thecityredneck 13 points 10 hours ago

Except in the Middle East

[–]nhkay 1 point 11 hours ago

you have no idea about what you’re even talking about

[–]whitedeer27 5 points 16 hours ago

if you would have bought it you would have DEFINITELY committed a crime…

[–]PrideofOshTekk 2 points 13 hours ago

This is what that artist (the one that got abused by elites) painted.

[–]MusicMole 1 point 6 hours ago

Wipe your HDD. Dead set, mate.

[–]bloodfist45[S] 3 points 5 hours ago

Everything is sandboxed

[–]MusicMole 2 points 5 hours ago

Consider going on an extended holiday, bruv.

If anything you have said is true, I’ll take your word for it (I don’t intend on following any links), then I suggest you lay low as fuck right now.

[–]bloodfist45[S] 5 points 5 hours ago

I’m not particularly afraid of dying. All I wanna know is the truth. Someone killing me would mean I knew the truth.

It sounds stupid but I’m just alive to learn. I’ve been close to death by the hands of someone I cared very deeply for. Death and emotion and all that bullshit are just distractions from the truth.

I’m brave when it comes to the truth.

[–]thispizzaiswhack -4 points 20 hours ago

90% of the twitter stuff ive seen is mostly japanese/taiwan/china people doing the same shiet they always been doing. Thailand is a whole different story(if you thought us pedophile is bad, they openly sell children on some areas).

if us pedophilia adopted this mean of selling videos, i dont think it’s a main form of trading these kinda pics/vids. the dark web and encrypted pics is where mostly it’s at.

[–]The_Watterboy 5 points 20 hours ago

I mean, all of the “slicing up toddlers” is only speculation. We dont exactly know to what extent the perversion goes. I think every single leak like this should be addressed and given the proper attention

[–]thispizzaiswhack 27 points 23 hours ago

this is not a speculation, its on the dark web

[–]The_Watterboy 3 points 23 hours ago

But that doesnt mean it is related to Pizzagate / our politicians. It surely could be; but its still not necessarily connected

[–]bloodfist45[S] 70 points 23 hours ago

pizzagate was never about our politicians, its about the people being affected

[–]whatispizzaanyway 17 points 20 hours ago

pizzagate was never about our politicians

What? It’s everything to do with our politicians.

[–]KatanaPig 42 points 19 hours ago

He’s saying it isn’t driven by political opinions or motives. The goal is to stop these people from abusing and murdering children. It just so happens that the people doing it are large political players.

[–]M1GHTYEAGLE 1 point 6 hours ago

It has EVERYTHING to do with people in positions of immense wealth and power, the average psychopath only has a limited pool of resources to commit his compulsions. The difference with pizzagate is that there are crimes only the elite, with endless resources can commit and get away with. From what we’ve learned these crimes are not of compulsion but rather standard practice/ritual of initiation, boiler-plate contracts for these people, written in the blood of innocents.

[–]thispizzaiswhack 21 points 23 hours ago

if twittergate’s purpose is to shut down sexual/pedophilia content on twitter, then that should be a standalone.

pizzagate is a different context, it’s a power structure abuse with pedophilia,money laundering etc etc.

asia’s illegal sex activities are very different from the US, and i find it very difficult to even form a connection, the only possibility i see is trafficking from india. and this whole twittergate dilutes resources away from pizzagate.

aren’t even close to doing a full crackdown of a pedophile ring in the US. pizzagate now wants to shut down people affected internationally?

[–]The_Watterboy 25 points 23 hours ago

Jack Dorsey of Twitter has ties to the Clinton Foundation – if Twitter is propagating the spread of CP, and there is suspicion that several members of the DnC were coding language about pedophilia, i don’t see why its so crazy to infer that there may be a connection between the two. It could be as small as John podesta likes to jerk off to cp on twitter, or it could be as large as the kids being exploited could be involved in some of the suspected rings. Why is this so crazy or hard to understand to you?

[–]CSA_Account 8 points 22 hours ago

The only tie so far between Jack Dorsey and the Clinton Foundation is that he spoke at an event of theirs, but many many people spoke at their events, so “Jack Dorsey of Twitter ties to the Clinton Foundation” sounds more ominous than what we have seen so far.

[–]thispizzaiswhack 6 points 23 hours ago

sure it is i did not say twittergate is irrelevant. but how many posts has it been already regarding jack’s connection vs all the other twitter stuff. people are now going into the asian illegal sex market and investigating it. this is irrelevant and getting nowhere. and if so, twittergate should be a standalone. and if ever a connection is found, xpost it to pizzagate

[–]The_Watterboy 8 points 22 hours ago

Thats fair – I mean, we are all on the same team here. This is sort of a small sub, so the more buzz and evidence the better. But it is growing, and if these two really are unrelated then it would make sense to separate them.

[–]ThePuppetShow 8 points 22 hours ago

Pizzagate is likely world wide. Remember the “pizza” “doesn’t get better than this” email?

[–]Andy-Chryst 8 points 19 hours ago

On mobile but in the 2nd besta pizza shop theres a world map and they wrote “delivering to the world!” Pretty odd. BTW, I’ve stopped believing in coincidences

[–]Sister_Lauren 2 points 12 hours ago

If they were selling porn then it would make perfect sense.

[–]whitedeer27 7 points 17 hours ago

Jack dorsey is intimately connected to the clinton foundation, clintons and even Haiti. Pizzagate is connected to Twittergate. People are selling kids on twitter.

[–]PrideofOshTekk 15 points 15 hours ago

Of course they slice up toddlers. They’re okay with killing millions of them in Africa and the Mid East. What difference does it make to them doing it in person? Are they not psychopaths?

Yes, they are. They are perfectly capable of carrying out this horrific shit.

[–]whatiswalnutsauce 4 points 12 hours ago

Most people are unaware the this happens to kids everyday among other kinds of torture And that isnt even a conspiracy

[–]TheGreatShiniGami 2 points 17 hours ago

All of that is degenerate and disgusting if it involves minors.

[–]MAGABoomer 5 points 18 hours ago

There was young looking but of age pages…yes..there were. But there were also children, lots of children who were children..not fake children. That app was probably for live shows.

[–]lolwatdahek 3 points 21 hours ago


[–]ThatOrcTsadok 20 points 21 hours ago

heya guys, first post here, decided to be brave and scanned the QR code from the third link, dont use QR codes at all so I dont know what I’m doing but I got a read of:


hope this helps for those more tech savy but worried about ending up on a list.

edit, the QR code also has a PIN listed in the bottom right with some Arabic writing that looks like joj with the first j like character connected to the o, the last character is more like a backwards c.

[–]bloodfist45[S] 30 points 20 hours ago

The QR code was found on the twitter a 15 year old kid in Saudi Arabia that is most definitely a prostitute. I don’t read Arabic but it appears to be his pimps number. Blackberries do have the toughest encryption and are used by government officials.

[–]ThatOrcTsadok 19 points 20 hours ago

this cant be just a dead end, though I’m pretty sure Saudi’s have 35 Blackberries, all gold plated to go along with their gold plated tigers.

If we had a brave Saudi anon here to get a further confirm it’d be appreciated.

[–]I_Be_The_Protector 8 points 13 hours ago

Yesterday on Twitter i found a Kuwait dad seling his boys and more child prositution. Including mothers using their child.

Edit: If you find cp on websites, Archive(.is) it!

[–]FDAShill 3 points 10 hours ago

Dont use archive.is as it has been compromised. Use other local back ups, encrypt. And if youre not comfortable making local backups, throw it in an encrypted cloud service

[–]3423553453 10 points 17 hours ago


this is converted to base64 to make a proper QR code, bbm pins are 8 characters long.

this is it: 5yixktsg

[–]terrorist96 13 points 22 hours ago

رمز = “code” in Arabic/Farsi

[–]bloodfist45[S] 2 points 22 hours ago*

Where would the code go?

Edit: thought I was funny, not the place

[–]PizzaThrowaway777777 9 points 22 hours ago

Not helping convince any skeptics with comments like that.

[–]androssfox 12 points 23 hours ago

can confirm, also being too brave for no reason. i’m assuming bbm must be a blackberry messenger number or something?

[–]PizzaThrowaway777777 16 points 21 hours ago

Anyone willing to scan that..?

[–]Aeja226 0 points 8 hours ago

TOh come on. High placed prob isn’t prob enough for Japan. lolttttttvgtgttgvtvttvttvtvttvtvtvvtvtvtttvvvtvtvvttvvtvtvtvtvtvvtvvvvtvtvvvtvtvvttvtvgvvtvtvtttvvt cyclingvvtvtvvvttvtvgtvtvvttvvtvtvtvv CCTVtvvtvtvvvttvtvtvtvvttvtvtvvttvtvtvtvvvvvtt tactic

[–]WolfheartThrowaway 17 points 18 hours ago

Yo guys, I would just like to add that Twitter user 0hour was exposing pedo CP accounts on there until he got permanently banned and his account is now closed. If you find one of the accounts, just check their follow list and you will find 12 more, it spiraled from there into a huge debate with the ”#twittergate” and from what I’ve seen, atleast 12 of the exposed accounts are still up. All of the names are random keyboard smash and ending with like SexX or some word like that. Jack Dorsey is yet to give a response to the ”#twittergate”, but while people were spamming ”#pizzagate” and other hashtags, they did not reach trending, however, ”#massagainsthate” hashtag reached trending in only 10 minutes of release, this is nothing but a huge scam by Twitter, why are they censoring pizzagate? Perhaps they’re more involved than we think… Good findings, OP. Best wishes to you.


[–]survey_girl 6 points 13 hours ago

FYI: https://twitter.com/Caspers__Ghost

his new account… but it looks like he is done with twitter… switching to GAB

[–]LisaLakewood 4 points 8 hours ago

0hour is on Gab He is @0hour1 He has posted an entire spreadsheet of the pedo accounts The further down we go into the rabbit hole, the scarier this shit is. God Help us expose these evil truths.

[–]WolfheartThrowaway 1 point 4 hours ago

It’s a disturbing fight were fighting… The deeper you go the more you wish you hadn’t known…”Ignorance is bliss” applies here better than ever… He is a hero in my eyes, I couldn’t sleep the first day I found out about Pizzagate, I spent the entire day looking through Jimmycomet’s Instagram friends, only to find disturbing connections to people claiming their disturbing satanic child porn is ”art”. We will win this fight, we are united and as long as this community supports each other and holds tight we will not fall.


[–]WolfheartThrowaway 1 point 2 hours ago

Yes, I might be leaving Twitter soon too, Im literally awaiting my ban, I might’ve shared too much… I applied to GAB but im on their waiting list for now 🙂

[–]N5h4m 12 points 15 hours ago

The person posting this claims to be working as a epidemiologist, and based on his reddit he is also 21 YO, and a carpenter. He doesn’t even know about basic statistical correlation calculations and lies at every turn. Know that by trusting this guy you are trusting a known liar.

[–]sceneredacted 13 points 15 hours ago

What is there to trust him about? Either this information checks out or it doesn’t.

[–]N5h4m 6 points 15 hours ago

Ethos. The person that you are getting your information from is a compulsive liar. The problem is that he males up evidence, facts and fabricates truth where none exists. The source of your information matters, Trump ran his campaign on blasting the biased media and you for some reason trust a pathological liar as your source?

[–]noumegnos 7 points 9 hours ago

You say that as if he’s the only one espousing the evidence. Obviously, the source matters, but you’re not attacking the source, you’re attacking the messenger, without actually dealing with any of the claims. You ought to be skeptical, and I applaud you for that, but you appear not to have done any research of your own.

I take issue with this, because no matter which way you look at it, this whole situation is extremely serious. Even if all these allegations are wrongful, not dealing with the proposed facts in favour of flinging shit at those who bring them to you helps no one.

[–]bloodfist45[S] 2 points 8 hours ago

I’ve proved all of these things

[–]Teh_Slayur 2 points 3 hours ago

What have you proven, exactly?

[–]bloodfist45[S] 2 points 3 hours ago

I worked through college as a carpenter with my father and now I do epi and global health. Feel free to go through my history. It’s mostly dumb shit about twitch.

[–]redsunfex 1 point 17 minutes ago

They’re attacking the messenger, stop giving out so much identifying info.

[–]bloodfist45[S] 1 point 1 minute ago

It’s all in my history

[–]xioushi 0 points 6 hours ago

N5h4m is a paid shill. Ignore all comments/report as spam.

[–]N5h4m 5 points 6 hours ago*

Lol 3 years on this account I am not a shill. I am just showing you your source is a liar. Your account was made just now and you have one comment. You are OP or a shill .

[–]CatacystFPV 9 points 20 hours ago

You, are a brave, brave anon. GJ!

[–]closewindow 8 points 17 hours ago

Actually, Chinese app WeChat is the largest and worst childporn sharing platform.

[–]davidnetherlands 7 points 12 hours ago

I use wechat/微信 and have a lot of Chinese friends whom I talk with. Could you explain how are people using the app to share such disgusting material? Just by sharing pictures?

[–]closewindow 6 points 8 hours ago

You get invited to some “group chat”, free or paid. Usually they are paid group, you just pay the group owner whatever amount or you get kicked out. And usually these group just sharing porn and gore or mixed, but cp is gradually increasing in these regular group. And promotions from other “group chat” are common, so you are easily stumble upon to those pedophile group…

It is my own experience. It’s very very disturbing. Some video were so dark and so “fresh”.

My relative works for police internal investigation, they arrested a officer who mastered a human trafficking ring that “importing” Vietnamese to mainland China. have a large collection of Vietnamese victims video all around WeChat as catalog for customers. The youngest victim was 12.

For commutation, the officer gave up a previous buyer who had bought underage girls. Turned out, it was a pedophile gang. Police spent almost 2 years to dig out the whole thing. The gang had its “online” distribution to sell their cp worldwide in deep web or in China using WeChat. All the internet stuff are in charge by a young Chinese university student. It was on local television( Beijing TV), for just a small part, the whole story was held up by the government.

According to my relative, it is impossible to track down all the cp in WeChat. And it also very hard to press charges…

[–]shortymcbossypants 1 point 6 hours ago

This sounds just like a Red Room.

[–]serafinalovesyou 5 points 16 hours ago

Someone needs to chat up Jay Parker. He grew up in a Satanic Family and was abused. Escaped and lectures. He knows the FBI won’t touch this because they’re involved and/or protecting those involved. Chatting up someone like Jay would likely give some insight and ideas about how to approach these monsters and where to find them.

[–]PhancyPhoenix 2 points 15 hours ago

Nice reference to JP.

[–]whitedeer27 2 points 14 hours ago

Same as “The finders” – FBI would have investigated but CIA shut it down…. for obvious reasons -_-

[–]sisterfrancais 3 points 18 hours ago

Holy cow…go get em boys

[–]mrfreeze574 3 points 18 hours ago

Looks life a BBM pin to me

[–]bloodfist45[S] 2 points 17 hours ago

Text it?

[–]mrfreeze574 3 points 17 hours ago

It’s most definitely a BBM Pin. I just checked. Post another example.

[–]bloodfist45[S] 2 points 17 hours ago

Account I was siphoning is now banned on twitter

[–]mrfreeze574 2 points 17 hours ago

Well it would make sense to use BBM or a similar client for this stuff. There’s group chats, private Channels and you can add enterprise for encryption.

[–]bloodfist45[S] 2 points 19 hours ago

This is a dead lead likely then huh

[–]mrfreeze574 1 point 13 hours ago

Well they used BBM for communication, which makes sense. It’s a great tool that flies under the radar. I’m not sure what else you want me to look into. I’m not about to add that person as a contact.

[–]playthatfunkymusic 4 points 20 hours ago

Don’t forget, the age of consent in China is only 14 years old. If they’re sharing those pics within China I doubt anything can/will be done.

[–]geedeeit 4 points 16 hours ago

The age of consent is 14 in parts of Europe as well.

In most cases however there is a secondary part that limits this to consent between teenagers. A 14-yo can legally consent to sex with a 16-yo, but it would remain illegal for a 14-yo to have a relationship with a 22-year-old, for example.

It’s meant to prevent young teens from being labeled as sex offenders for being sexual active at an early age, but not to allow pedophiles free reign.

[–]leavenoprints 2 points 15 hours ago

Very good point. 16 is age of consent in UK but you can’t film a 16 yr old having sex and even selling it, never mind being exploited. IIRC, to be in possession of pics or videos of a 16 yr old is illegal. But still, age of consent for some countries is valid.

[–]geedeeit 5 points 15 hours ago

you can’t film a 16 yr old having sex and even selling it

no, absolutely not, and a good point

[–]leavenoprints 5 points 15 hours ago

That’s why pornographic models are aged 18+. Also wish people would refer to it as child abuse and not child pornography. It’s not pornography and the two shouldn’t be confused. Calling it that normalises it. It’s abuse and it is rape.

[–]whatiswalnutsauce 2 points 14 hours ago

Good point, never considered it that way

[–]templeofluxor 3 points 19 hours ago

I’ve found at least 2 dozen accounts of undeniable cp. video footage of some terrible stuff with children far under teens. I don’t know what to do with it.

[–]MAGABoomer 2 points 21 hours ago

Yes I noted movie container last night. I assumed that was for “Live” shows and there seemed to be some mechanism/price structure for that…or I could be using google translate and getting it wrong.

[–]pizzaAF 2 points 12 hours ago

I know I’m about to sound super racist but it seems like all Asian girls look 13 to begin with.


edit: I was very wrong in my last statement. I tried searching for video container hashtags in whatever language on Twitter and definitely saw shit I wasn’t supposed to.

[–]4Gracchus 1 point 8 hours ago

Imgur image is gone OP.

[–]TotesMessenger 1 point 6 hours ago

I’m a bot, bleepbloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don’t vote in the other threads. (Info / Contact)

[–]foreskinremovalcream 0 points 14 hours ago

You people have to be careful not to break the anonymity of the internet.


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