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[–]knight222 13 points 11 hours ago

I want to know how this started,

It all started with John Podesta’s leaked emails.

[–]tossawayjournalist[S] 5 points 11 hours ago

I know, but what with Comet pizza and the starting of the whole name “Pizzagate”

[–]Dads_BBQ_Brisket 16 points 11 hours ago

Because James alefantis’ email, name, and establishment appears numerous times in the Podesta emails. It was a place of interest and people dug around and found creepy shit associated with this man.

[–]TigerFan_in_BR 7 points 11 hours ago

That also was from Wikileaks. The “could it be pizza related” leak and others which led to Comet Pizza.

Comet Pizza honestly attracted attention because of their own web presence.

  1. The strange band Heavy Breathing video / website / Ape video.
  2. Strange art displayed there and artist connections.
  3. The Instagram account. Bizarre/sick photos and sick comments.

“gate” is given to every scandal or potential scandal these days. The_Donald subReddit got tired of the topic honestly and the mods here formed a spinoff.

So far just a lot of strange/weird/sick art and comments have been revealed.

To find the real truth would take some type of warrant search, access to secret files, Wikileak/whistleblower, or former surviving victim to step forward.

[–]TigerFan_in_BR 9 points 11 hours ago

Here are the Instagram photos that really ‘blew up’ pizzagate as an issue:


Absent those photos it likely would have stayed as part of The_Donald and stopped momentum.

[–]ash0787 1 point 7 hours ago

yeah we were pretty lucky that they couldn’t help themselves but to brag to the world about their activities

[–]fat_osvaldo 1 point 7 hours ago

It’s advertisement, in a sort of “hiding in plain sight” form.

[–]sheik_yerbouti_jr 6 points 11 hours ago

Those can be dismissed as weird, right? But there are more videos and images, and matching comments, that most definitely signify something sick.

For example, there’s a recurring theme of pandas. A lot of panda toys, a dark photo of a man in a panda mask. Nothing wrong so far, right? Just weirdos. Just artist.

But then there’s an Instagram photo of children. Among them, all of a sudden, a man in the panda mask. Same mask like in the dark photo mentioned above. This immediately raises an alarm that panda is some sort of a code.

Ok, but why is that bad, you ask? Then look at all the other gross Instagram photos, like “German baby for sale, $1200”.

And believe me, you can’t explain this all with creativity and artists. I’ve been a lot around artists, theatres, actors, performances, as well as drugs. This feels different and not normal.

[–]Findsyourshit 2 points 4 hours ago

Don’t forget the picture of the girl with her arms taped to a table. In what context is it okay to portray a child taped to a table? Not to mention the suggestive comments that went along with it.

[–]DoublePlusGoodly 9 points 11 hours ago*

I think the actual beginning for many of us, when combing through the Podesta emails, was the discovery of the following two strange emails. The wording is so odd, many of us began to wonder whether they were actually talking about food, or if food was “code” for something else. The emails, taken at face value, really just do no make sense, any way you spin them.




Edit to add:

This email also raised some red flags about whether they were talking about food or something else. This is from the Global Intelligence Files/Stratfor leaks (2009), rather than the Podesta emails.

The word “waitresses” is in quotes (why?) and they talk about using the “same channels” as last time. Spending $65,000 on pizza and hot dogs seems excessive, and additionally, the White House does not officially allow food from outside sources.


[–]ash0787 2 points 7 hours ago

goes back further than that though, before pizza was even involved we were looking at his email trying to figure out what ‘pool parties at the vineyard’ meant in the context of the death of judge scalia, people were hoping to find information that would help Trump win the election.

[–]mconeone 3 points 11 hours ago

Specifically the email talking about the spirit cooking party at comet pizza.

[–]tossawayjournalist[S] 1 point 10 hours ago

Do you have a link?

[–]TigerFan_in_BR 3 points 10 hours ago

Wanted to flag a dinner I’m doing at my house tomorrow for Hillary. Doing a fundraiser at my house with my brother John on October 6 at my house, John and I are cooking along with guest chefs James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong Pizza and Buck’s Camping and Fishing, Amy Brandwein of Centrolina and Massimo Fabbri of Ristorante Posto. Would love if you could go online and make your contribution here: https://www.hillaryclinton.com/donate/?raiser=49983. Hope you can make it. Look forward to an exciting year. Best, Tony


[–]TigerFan_in_BR 3 points 10 hours ago

Fundraisers for Obama were held at Comet Pizza. Soros (through one of his groups) paid them $11,000 to host an event (assuming that’s what the payment was for). Obama phone banked out of Comet Pizza.

Reference for fundraiser held there:


[–]knight222 3 points 11 hours ago

James Alefantis (Comet pizza owner) figures on these emails. It’s a pretty straight forward link.

[–]sheik_yerbouti_jr 3 points 11 hours ago

Look specifically for a Podesta email that contains an attachment called pizza.jpg (or similar).

I wasn’t there yet, but this apparently triggered the entire search. The email contained an extremely creepy (even on Reddit scale 😉 ) comment on the lines of “this doesn’t get any better” to an image of two ladies and a kid eating pizza.

Now “cheese pizza” being the generally known pedo slang for “child porn”, this email triggered alarm in the most experienced jerkoffs on Reddit. I’m joking, but the people, who started the alarm seem to have attended borderline disgusting forums like 4chan, so they knew the codewords.

If you have the time, dig into the forum posts. You will have no doubt that something’s off. You may or may not believe that Madeleine McCain suspects loom like the Podestas, but you will for sure raise your eyebrows if you read the ten or do weirdest emails. If they aren’t about paedophilia, then they are at least about huge drug parties.

[–]sheik_yerbouti_jr 2 points 11 hours ago

PS this group claims that “pizza” is slang for underage girl (as depicted in the photo), so answer yourself what “eating pizza” means.

[–]TRUMPIZARD 2 points 10 hours ago

I believe that there is one email “will I do better playing dominos on cheese pizza or pasta?” This lead some to believe they were talking in code and to investigate further. Cheese pizza has long been used on the web as code for child pornography. Dominos could be domination? Also interesting here, the prostitute in the movie Eyes Wide Shut is named Domino. Just watched that movie and I think that’s worth looking into as well. I saw an interesting post about 2 of the masks used in the movie being incredibly hard to find with an image search. They seem to have been scrubbed from the net. These masks are rather unique and different from the others in the movie. It’s believed these are maybe used in the actual rituals. The comment linked it to some convincing artwork. Can’t find it now but I would look into it! Thanks!

[–]PilsnerAlesson 1 point 9 hours ago

This didn’t really start with Comet, I think it shifted over to them after several businesses in close proximity on Connecticut Ave NW were said to have logos resembling known pedophile symbols. An FBI document showing these logos was compared to Besta Pizza, Comet’s crossed paddle logo, and Beyond Borders.

[–]iliketobuildstuff74 1 point 7 hours ago

My opinion is that it all started from the way certain podesta emails were worded. They used “pizza” in ways that didn’t seem to make sense… Like “pizza related map”. There are other examples too, but can’t think of them off the top of my head.

There is also references to pizza in some stratfor emails… Talking about splitting 1 piece of people with 13 people or something.

The references were just odd enough to get people to look deeper.

Personally, I thought pizza was a code for drugs of some sort… I still think it could be related to drugs on some cases, but there is decent evidence of child trafficking too.

I do believe something odd is going on, I am thankful that there are dedicated redditors, 4channers etc. looking at every angle here.

[–]BeyondWikipedia 0 points 9 hours ago

Oh, that? That’s all low-information internet paranoia that anybody with problem solving skills can debunk in a second.

[–]Haplo781 1 point 4 hours ago

So debunk it.

[–]privatelameass 7 points 11 hours ago

The podesta email about having kids delivered for entertainment is creepy as all fuck

[–]Commonwombat 7 points 10 hours ago

And the pizza map hankerchief.

[–]Insertinsulthere_ 1 point 3 hours ago

Got a link?

[–]TigerFan_in_BR 5 points 11 hours ago

Heavy Breathing – click on “6” on their band website:


This band played at Comet Pizza.

On Tony Podesta: The deleted (but you can find the archive) article from Washington Post where he mentions naked teenagers hanging on the walls of his bedroom furthered discussion.

[–]sonicb00m42 4 points 10 hours ago*

I wanna say, there was serious interest generated when back in July, when there was an anonymous poster in 4chan back in mid July who claimed to be FBI, apart of the team in charge of building a case against Clinton. The ensuing wikileaks happened in relative fashion and accordance with his claims, which many seem to merit some truth. I mention this stuff that occured prior to the leaks, (which I’m sure would have garnered enough interest on it’s own without the FBI anon mention of it) because there have been other, later claims of an internal struggle between intelligence agencies and each other (about indictment and bringing down the system since the Clinton Foundation/Emails would implicate a whole lotta government). Old money vs new money within these different entities. Note sure if this is noteworthy to your story, juicy as all hell if true.

Not all things have turned out to be true though, so up to you to pick through the trash.

EDIT: Like another user has mentioned, this was heavily politically motivated. Again, I believe there was some light reference to something like this (trafficking) but, at the time, I recall a majority fixated on the collusion going on between HRC and the DNC. Wasn’t until the actual wiki leak themselves that people started to rummage through them and began to connect the out of context, pizza-related emails together.

[–]Rigg5 5 points 7 hours ago

FBI Anon definitely fueled a fire before the leaks.


[–]sonicb00m42 2 points 5 hours ago

I remember that thread well. Who would’ve thought that person would speaking truth. This doesn’t even take into consideration the legitimacy of Podesta’s other emails regarding things like intelligent life. Can you imagine if it became public, the known existence and military aid of E.T? This place is losing it’s mind over something that has been spoken and silenced about for ages involving people/kids. Imagine the stuff that challenges the very principles of our understanding of how life works. Everyone will lose their shit. Forget everything we think we know when that day comes.

[–]Haplo781 1 point 4 hours ago

This doesn’t even take into consideration the legitimacy of Podesta’s other emails regarding things like intelligent life. Can you imagine if it became public, the known existence and military aid of E.T?

Wait what

Where was this mentioned?

Are you talking about the nutjob that emailed Podesta and ranted about aliens?

[–]sonicb00m42 1 point 3 hours ago

That’s part of it. Yeah, some of his claims are pretty out there. But then there are others like like Dr. Greer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnO8U2YgF1I) who discuss alien tech and political influence. Can’t rule out the possibilities.

[–]JrSlimss 3 points 9 hours ago

I talked to a guy about a year and half ago who walked me through the surprising circumstances of Jeffrey Epstein’s slap on the wrist. This investigation, to me, is the natural evolution of that. The Epstein connection also became more interesting when I found out about the Clinton Foundation investigation (and Laura Silsby) and the fact that Epstein claimed he was one of the founders of the Clinton Global Initiative (part of the Foundation’s work). The Epstein prosecutors did not follow protocol in several circumstances (even violating the law) and it seems they intentionally threw the Grand Jury case so that only the lightest charge stuck to Epstein. Epstein then plea bargained, which Judicial Watch is looking into the circumstances of. After the case, there have been more than 2 dozen civil cases brought by victims against Epstein, but not one more single criminal charge – even though what Epstein did was a federal crime with no statute of limitations. I can provide links to any point if necessary. This is the real conspiracy to me – I find Comet Ping Pong to be a red herring.

[–]tossawayjournalist[S] 2 points 4 hours ago

Thank you, this was very helpful.

[–]JrSlimss 1 point 4 hours ago

NP. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Again, this is all from legitimate press sources (Daily Mail, Vice, FoxNews, BuzzFeed etc.) so links are available. I just don’t know why journalists stopped digging. I mean, I have ideas why, obviously. “The Morning Joe” team worried about it coming to light during the election. It even seems John Podesta was worried about it coming to light based on a Wikileaks email with Tina Flournoy.

[–]Sister_Lauren 2 points 3 hours ago

I guess he had very good reasons to worry about it.

[–]TigerFan_in_BR 3 points 10 hours ago

The Epstein (convicted child molester) plane and connection to Bill and Hillary also fueled the story.

Some claim major revelations are on the Weiner laptop. Others that major leaks have happened and will come out right after Trump is sworn into office:


[–]Commonwombat 3 points 10 hours ago

Can I ask you if you work in print or tv, MSM or alternative and your nationality please?

[–]Commonwombat 2 points 10 hours ago

Also we were given a tip that the Clinton Foundation was involved in human trafficking. I can’t verify if the person who told us was telling the truth but a lot of what we were told did in fact eventuate. People started digging into the emails and things started looking off. Some of us are trying to piece together how the trafficking occurs such as donors, charitable organisations, links to paedophiles, etc. We are not solely looking for cheese pizza clues although some of the evidence speaks for itself. While investigating a lot of people began seeing the pattern of worldwide government corruption and participation in child kidnapping/rape and murder. Things occasionally go off on tangents in here because there is a lot of horrible information to be found. I don’t suppose you would have the guts to print that? Sick shit is happening to children and the people that say are protecting them are the ones abusing them and we’re all fucking over being lied to.

[–]TigerFan_in_BR 5 points 10 hours ago

That might have been the F.B.I. Anon guy from 4chan:


Some antisemitic stuff was added to several versions of the online chat to make him seem crazy. But if you read the comments, predictions, and what he said there much of it has come to pass.

He is the one who said follow the money to the Clinton Foundation.

[–]Commonwombat 2 points 10 hours ago

That’s who I’m talking about, yes. Follow the money.

[–]Queen_Puabi 2 points 10 hours ago

Just try watching this band that is “all ages” plays at Comet Pizza family environment. Pause every millisecond and tell me if its normal? https://youtu.be/oicUO0sz08c

[–]liz91 2 points 6 hours ago

wtf is up with all the torture? Random pictures of children? How the hell is that for all ages?!

[–]TigerFan_in_BR 2 points 10 hours ago

They tried scrub this “Majestic Ape” aka Amanda Kleinman video where he spoke at Sasha Lord’s birthday. Note what he says and how he behaves. All at Comet Pizza… owned by James Achilles Alefantis.

Archived here:


[–]TigerFan_in_BR 2 points 9 hours ago


Read this analysis of the NYT article. His best point is the 4chan origins of ‘pizzagate’ and the tie to the Clinton Foundation.


[–]TigerFan_in_BR 1 point 11 hours ago

Honestly it also was politically motivated to start as well. This is Hillary Clinton’s right hand man (Podesta) — the man she sent out election night to talk to the world on her behalf.

The original scandal revealed by Wikileaks was “Spirit Cooking” — the art/ritual which suggested Satanism, cannibalism, etc.

Attaching Tony Podesta to that and having it go out to hundreds of thousands of evangelicals (especially African-Americans and Latinos) the week before the election likely swung the election in favor of Trump.

When Hillary and her MSM minions (NYT etc) are forced a week before the election to deny her campaign manager is a Satanist, they were heading for a loss.

And how can they explain it? “Oh you stupid Christians / Catholics. It’s just art!”

The images were striking and went all over the internet. Twitter shut down spirit cooking as trending but only after it had reached hundreds of thousands of shares and likely hit millions of shares on social media before the election.

THAT was the beginning.

The political folks on The Donald grew tired of accusations and craziness surrounding any ‘conspiracy theory’ (the CIA actually invented that term to discredit opponents, btw).

[–]witch_doctor1 2 points 10 hours ago

I posted this Joe Rogan/Scott Adams video where they were discussing Spirit Cooking in another thread and it seems relevant now. Normal people generally don’t talk/joke about ritually drinking semen. So, I would respectfully make the point that it was political only in that the average person was horrified that these were the people in charge. Republican or Democrat did not matter at that point. And I am sure that this crosses party lines. And all of a sudden, Alex Jones became the most prescient person in the news media. Strange times.


[–]QuasiQwazi 1 point 9 hours ago

Podesta has ‘art’ in his home which is actually people raping children or children in poses awaiting abuse ( eg tied up and looking terrified). Podesta also hung Spirit Cooking art at his campaign headquarters. Podesta et al made numerous nonsensical statements in emails about enjoying pizza and hot dogs along with other jargon that sounded suspiciously like code, which has since been deciphered. Pedophilia organizations have been revealed in Europe, the British Parliament, the BBC so it is not a stretch to think sexual predators like Bill Clinton and Jeffry Epstein are not colluding with Podesta’s group to exploit children. Arrests are already being made.

[–]TigerFan_in_BR 1 point 9 hours ago

This is the original PizzaGate thread on The_Donald. It has tons of details / info / links.


Not sure if this is the origin or if it began on 4Chan as some have suggested.

[–]ash0787 1 point 7 hours ago*

I heard about it through spiritcooking, think I saw it on twitter initially and thought it was really weird, then I happened to be looking at /pol/ frequently at the time hence saw the CPP connection.

I’m associated with gamergate so I do this sort of thing often, however its usually just about identity politics / anti-feminism rather than organized crime.

[–]Rigg5 1 point 7 hours ago

These are entertainers directly connected to Alefantis and it seems that their “schtick” is to embed pedophilia in every aspect of their act. I’ve seen them joke about killing unborn babies to laughing at Alefantis’ preference being little boys. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oicUO0sz08c Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/BYjvJhttps://sli.mg/a/6SfUDg I suspect that not all of the images are staged and could be real evidence. Either way, this type of “art” is perverse about children and resonates with the rest of the investigation.

[–]411011 1 point 7 hours ago

it all started on 4chan/pol/

not leddit.

[–]AssNasty 1 point 5 hours ago*

The link between Laura Silsby and the Clinton’s. Then Euna Lee’s picture showed up in the emails and I remembered how Bill Clinton came to her rescue in North Korea.

Seems they always turn up when international human/child trafficking is involved.

Also the Lolita express flight logs containing Bill Clinton several times, the emails about spirit cooking, the email from Cheryl Mills about sacrificing a chicken to Moloch, the disgusting stories from Fiona Barrett and Cathy O’brian. Shit just keeps piling up.

Then the exposure of South Korea’s own cult network pulling the strings on their president…who knows what pizzagate is or how deep it goes but the only thing we do know is that this ain’t nothing.


This guy sums it up fairly well actually with the lone correction to made about besta pizzas owner.

[–]diceblue 1 point 5 hours ago

The emails which talk in obvious code about pizza and pasta led to looking into pizza related activities in the DC area since Alefantis has ties to emails and the elites. Besta pizza had a logo that was identical to FBI verified pedo symbols and changed the logo as pizzagate unfolded. There was the uncanny resemblance of the Podestas to the high profile disappearance case sketches, and the spirit cooking weirdness too. It goes on and on. Tied into Jeffrey Epstein pedo plane the Lolita Express and the woman Hillary helped who was caught trafficking kids in Haiti and the link to journalists in the email attachment eating pizza with a child that bill Clinton rescued from NK who were investigating sex crimes…

[–]HulaguKan -2 points 10 hours ago

Cheese Pizza is a joke meme referring to child porn. It originated on 4chan.

Some 4chan user saw that pizza is mentioned in leaked emails and put the two together, claiming that every reference to pizza means child porn.

The result you can see here.


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